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Past Shows

09 Sep 2017 Kavala, GR Kavala Festival Kavala Festival
08 Sep 2017 Athens, GR Amita Motion Concert Amita Motion Concert
01 Sep 2017 Mykonos, GR Scarpa Scarpa
30 Aug 2017 Loutraki, GR Level 2 Level 2
28 Aug 2017 Skiathos, GR Kahlua Kahlua
27 Aug 2017 Stip, MK Angels Cafe SBF #5 Angels Cafe SBF #5
23 Aug 2017 Loutraki, GR Level 2 Level 2
16 Aug 2017 Loutraki, GR Level 2 Level 2
14 Aug 2017 Mykonos, GR Scarpa Scarpa
11 Aug 2017 Mykonos, GR Scarpa Scarpa
09 Aug 2017 Loutraki, GR Level 2 Level 2
05 Aug 2017 Ios, GR D69 D69
04 Aug 2017 Giannitsa, GR Destijl Destijl
02 Aug 2017 Loutraki, GR Level 2 Level 2
30 Jul 2017 Lefkada, GR Copla Copla
29 Jul 2017 Archaia Olympia, GR Mythody Festival Mythody Festival
26 Jul 2017 Loutraki, GR Level 2 Level 2
23 Jul 2017 Zakynthos, GR Casa Playa Casa Playa
22 Jul 2017 Crete, GR Diverso Club Diverso Club
21 Jul 2017 Mykonos, GR Scarpa Scarpa
20 Jul 2017 Ios, GR D69 D69
19 Jul 2017 Loutraki, GR Level 2 Level 2
16 Jul 2017 Loutra Loutrakiou, GR Pozar Festival Pozar Festival
15 Jul 2017 Rhodes, GR Summer Paradise Lindos Festival Summer Paradise Lindos Festival
13 Jul 2017 Skopie, MK Intermezzo Privé Intermezzo Privé

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About Xenia

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“Rising sensation Xenia Ghali finds success with Places” Huffington Post, 2017

A DJ, producer, songwriter and classically trained musician, Greek artist Xenia Ghali has shaken up the dance music scene with her recent, stellar emergence. After working with industry heavweights such as Pitbull and the Grammy-nominated Wyclef Jean, Xenia really set the tone for her own career with her biggest track yet in the summer of 2016, ‘Under These Lights’, which reached #1 in the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart and cemented Xenia’s name as someone to watch. Xenia’s latest offering ‘Places’, the follow up, continues in the same vein, reaching #1 and securing consecutive #top spots for Xenia, reaffirming her abilities and providing proof, if any was needed, that Xenia is a talent that is set to remain at the top of the charts for the long haul. With vocals from Raquel Castro, and Teen Wolf Star Ryan Kelley co-starring in the music video, she is making all the right moves. Displaying a clarity of vision when it comes to her artistry, Xenia creatively directs all her music videos to ensure her ideas are realised. Xenia is continuing to turn heads and prick ears in all the right places, exemplified by her recent performance of ‘Places’ alongside Raquel on Fox 5 New York’s #1 New York morning show ‘Good Day New York’.

Owner of the independent label Funky Sheep Records, Xenia walks the line between mainstream success and underground credibility. Both an enigmatic and dynamic figure, Xenia Ghali’s DJ sets are defined by their combining of soulful house and pulsating beats, bringing together shimmering synth melodies and vintage groove laden rhythms for a unique brand of modern electronic dance music. Additionally, her remixes of established artists such as the aforementioned Pitbull (‘Fun’ feat Chris Brown) and Mr Vega (‘My Jam’ feat Pitbull) have demonstrated a keen ear for reinterpretation and undoubtedly bear her distinctive signature.

Having performed a version of the classic Faithless track ‘Insomnia’ alongside Greek mega-star Giorgios Mazonakis at Greece’s ‘MADwalk’ fasion show, DJed on Greece’s version of The X Factor, composed the soundtrack for internationally renowned designer Michael Costello’s Fashion show video, appeared in issues of People Magazine, Runway and Madame Figaro and on leading publications such as Billboard, The Huffington Post and AOL, it is clear that her reputation is steadily building across the planet, something reflected in her association with global brands Adidas and G-Star Raw in her native Greece.

Xenia Ghali is set to reach much further in 2017, With her music punching weight in charts and playlists around the world, as well as a return to Color Day Festival as a headliner to go alongside previous festival sets at DreamWorld, Lake Party and River Party, and standout sets in New York, Miami, Chicago and AthensXenia Ghali is making made sizeable waves in the dance music community, as well as the music industry at large, it is only a matter of time before her career enters the stratosphere.

Latest Releases 

Tracks available


Official music videos

Places Ft. Raquel Castro

Director : Shal Ngo (Acres New York)
Color Grade/Correction : Christos Zoumis

Starring : Xenia Ghali, Raquel Castro and Ryan Kelley

Styling: Fani Polychroniou
Hair : Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Make Up : Maria Dimopoulou
Accessories : Boudoir by Dennis P

Under These Lights

Director : Sherif Francis
Producer, Creative Director : Xenia Ghali
Art Director, Styling : Fani Polychroniou
D.P. : Max Papadopoulos
Color Grade/Correction : Christos Zoumis
Editor : Vassilis Tzanis
VFX : Aldo Rada
SFX (Movie Cut) : Anthony Georgou
Concept : Xenia Ghali, Lynnwood, Max Papadopoulos
Hair : Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Make up : Maria Dimopoulou

Get Dirty Ft. Wyclef

Director : Sherif Francis
Creative Director: Xenia Ghali
Art Direction & Styling: Fani Polychroniou
Choreographer : George Ntagiantas
D.P : Nicholas Wise
Editor : Vasilis Tzars
VFX : John Katehis
Color Grade/Correction : Christos Zoumis-Rena Papoutsi
Production Design and Fabrication: AL-KEMYSTYK

Broken Ft. Katt Rockell

Director : Sherif Francis
Choreographer : Giannis Fotou
Editor : Vasilis Tzars
VFX : John Katehis
Styling: Fani Polychroniou

Live Shows

Summer Beach Festival #5, Angel’s Cafe, Stip 2017

Music : “Places” feat. Raquel Castro – Xenia Ghali
Video : Go Pro, DTHM, Drakos Digital

D69, Ios, Greece August 2017

Music : “Places” feat. Raquel Castro – Xenia Ghali

Video: Go Pro, DTMH, Drakos Digital

JOJO Beach – Bar Santorini, Greece 2017

Music : “Mrembo” – Alexia Nigh
Video : Go Pro, DTHM, Drakos Digital

Backstage at Color Day Festival, Athens, Greece 2017

Music : “Places” feat. Raquel Castro – Xenia Ghali

Video: Go Pro, DTMH, Drakos Digital

D69 Ios, Greece July 2017

Music : “Places” feat Raquel Castro – Xenia Ghali
Video: Go Pro, Drakos Digital, DTMH

Summer Paradise Lindos, Greece 2017

Music : “Places” feat. Raquel Castro – Xenia Ghali

Video: Go Pro, DTMH, Drakos Digital

Scarpa, Mykonos, Greece July 2017

Music : “Deep Inside” – Daniel Stefanik
Video: Go Pro, DTMH, Drakos Digital

Color Day Festival, Athens, Greece 2016

Music : “Under These Lights” – Xenia Ghali

Video: Thenia Petsava


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